Day 96

by 109daysthehand

Awake.  Project 3.  Begins now.  Don’t care about the time.  The day.   All that matters is we live a lifetime of conversations now.


Her: no.


Me:  Maggie?


Her:  And Lauren and Connor


Me:   Hey.


Her: Dad, we don’t understand project 3.


Me:  I need to talk about each of you. I need to tell you things I’ve never told you.


Her: Why?


Me:  So you have them.  You hold them.


Her:  Like Stacey’s dad’s letter at her wedding, read by Uncle Brin?


Me.  A little.


Her: That’s TV Dad.


Me:  Okay.  I wasn’t thinking of a Speak and Say, where I write a letter for every event in your life.


Her: Don’t know what that is, but good.  We don’t want to be opening letters our whole life from you Dad.  We love you but that is a bit odd.


Me: Okay.  But can I can I write something for each of you and talk to you.  To say…


Her:  Yes.


Him:  No hugging.  No learning.